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Adventure Caving in Waitomo

The Waitomo Caves are just the playground for adrenalin junkies seeking Insta-worthy tales of prowess and awe. As well as guided tours with commentary about early discovery, myths and legends, the world-renowned subterranean wonderland is where heart-racing adventures await.

From rafting through the caves, glowworms sparkling overhead, to plunging into the depths on a abseil line and ziplining along darkened passageways, this is where there’s definitely the wow factor that will have adventurers telling tales on their return to their world above ground.
Amongst the caving companies waiting to thrill visitors are Discover Waitomo and Waitomo Adventures.

Black Water Rafting

Not your average walk in the park, or even a regular white water rafting trip above ground, black water rafting in the underground streams at Waitomo involves swimming, crawling through low and narrow passages, jumping off waterfalls and hanging off a rope to descend into the depths.

TumuTumu Toobing and Black Labyrinth are popular black water rafting trips, perfect for a mixed level of fitness and a good sense of adventure, while the five-hour Black Abyss trip is more hard core.

Lost World

The Lost World Cave gets straight to heart-pounding business with a plunge (on an abseil/rappel line) 100 metres down into the cavern.

To be fair, there is an instructor/guide along for the ride to provide reassurance and a backup safety tether should this be needed, However, the drop down through the mist and then the exploration of the massive cave below is described by adventurers as truly unforgettable.

St Benedict’s caverns are described as spectacularly beautiful with their forests of stalactites, stalagmites, shell fossils and dramatic limestone formations. Despite the visual splendour though, this is where there is abseil action, clambering, scrambling, ziplining – and wētās.

Said to be the Waitomo’s most intense adventure caving trip, Haggas Honking Holes packs a lot into four hours – and you’re definitely going to get wet.

Not for the faint-hearted, participants need to be brave and fit. However, full equipment and training are provided, and there is a high guide ratio with safety assured.

The underground adventures at Waitomo are varied, but all leave you with a sense of accomplishment and great stories to tell – not to mention some great photos of yourself in action!

For more information about adventure caving options in Waitomo visit www.waitomocaves.com