Eat and Drink

Fresh, seasonal, locally grown, artisanal - and irresistibly delicious. From top cafes and restaurants and the numerous farmers' markets to award-winning cheese, ice cream and other dairy products, to seasonal asparagus or blueberries (and other berries too), from locally produced wine and craft beer to pasture-raised meats and free-range poultry, the Waikato offers a bounty of foodie experiences.

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Locals Supporting Locals: Waikato eateries and stores showcase regional producers

The Waikato region is renowned for its fertile soil, high quality farms and delicious produce, so it’s no surprise that local eateries have developed a reputation for creating fresh seasonal cuisine packed full of ingredients sourced straight from the surrounding countryside.

Best hot chocolate spots in the Waikato

There’s nothing like a mug of rich hot cocoa on a chilly day to warm you up. Check out some of the region’s best spots to grab yourself a hot choccy.

Restaurants & Dining Options

The Waikato region has an abundance of top quality dining options - from award-winning restaurants and wine & tapas bars to gourmet eateries and cafes.