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The Waikato region has an abundance of top quality dining options - from award-winning restaurants and wine & tapas bars to gourmet eateries and cafes.
Dining Options in Hamilton City
With an eclectic array of dining options within Hamilton City, you will never be short of choice.
Dining Options in Cambridge
Home to a wide variety of great cafes and restaurants, Cambridge boasts an array of dining options, not to mention gourmet coffee roasters, winemakers and produce growers.
Dining Options in Raglan
Enjoy some classic Fish and Chips on the beach, grab a delicious meal made from fresh local produce, or enjoy a few drinks in the sunshine.
Dining Options in Matamata
With Hobbit themed meals and friendly local watering holes, the rural town of Matamata has a wide variety of dining options.
Dining Options in Waitomo & Surrounds
From award winning restaurants overlooking stunning Waitomo landscapes to great local eateries with a welcoming kiwi atmosphere and everything in between, Waitomo & the surrounding areas.
Dining Options in North Waikato
With quaint rural cafes and restaurants housed in historical buildings, dining in the North Waikato region is varied and eclectic.
Dining Options in Te Awamutu
Te Awamutu offers a wide variety of dining options, from local coffee shops to award winning eateries and everything inbetween.
Dining Options in Te Aroha
Dine in picturesque cafes inside historic buildings under the gaze of Mt Te Aroha, or enjoy some local art and a spot of shopping with your coffee with the great dining options available in Te Aroha.
Dining Options in Morrinsville
Morrinsville offers a wide variety of dining options and indulgent places to have a coffee and a bite to eat.