A trip to the Waikato region isn’t complete without a few days spent exploring by bike. There are hundreds of kilometres of trail to discover, offering riders a close-up look at the region's picturesque scenery and fascinating past.

Waikato: New Zealand’s Cycling Heartland

Hauraki Rail Trail, Mt Te Aroha View, NZ

Hauraki Rail Trail

Whether hurtling down forest-clad hills or meandering alongside winding rivers and through rolling farmland, the region’s tracks and trails offer memorable experiences for riders of all fitness and skill levels.

Laid-back riders and family groups will love the sights of the Hauraki Rail Trail and the backcountry adventure of the Timber Trail offers excitement for serious mountain bikers and families of intermediate riding ability.

There are shorter rides to enjoy too, from mountain biking on Mount Te Aroha to urban adventure on Hamilton’s riverside cycling and walking paths. Family groups will love Te Awa – The Great New Zealand River Ride, while those wanting a compact off-road experience shouldn’t miss Hamilton Mountain Bike Track.

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  • Grade 1 (Easiest) – Flat and suitable for all riders. Surface is either firm gravel or asphalt and trails are wide enough for two people to cycle side by side most of the way.
  • Grade 2 (Easy) – Predictable and mostly flat with some gentle climbs. Surface is either firm gravel or asphalt and trails are wide enough for two people to cycle side by side at times.
  • Grade 3 (Intermediate) – Can be narrow in sections and may include hill climbs, steep drop-offs and small river crossings.
  • Grade 4 (Advanced) – May include steep or narrow track, sections where traction is poor, and obstacles that are difficult to avoid.
  • Grade 5 (Expert) – Technically challenging and may include physically demanding climbs, numerous obstacles and narrow track. Some walking and bike carrying may be required.

Cycle Trails in the Waikato Region

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  • Timber Trail New Zealand

  • Hauraki Rail Trail, Te Aroha, New Zealand

    Hauraki Rail Trail

  • Te Awa - The Great NZ River Ride

  • Hamilton City River Rides & Walks

  • Te Awamutu Mountain Bike Park, Waikato

    Mt Pirongia Mountain Bike Trails

  • Mt Te Aroha Cycle Trails, Te Aroha, Waikato NZ

    Mount Te Aroha

  • Raglan Cycle Trails, Raglan, New Zealand

    Raglan Cycle Trails

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