Designer Home, Close to Town, Walks, Golf & Cafés

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4 Clematis Avenue, Pukete, Hamilton
Months of operation
All Year
Phone number
+64 27 842 2533
A high-end, luxury space for all types of travellers.
Welcome to this stunning, brand-new 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in central Hamilton. Enjoy the high-end furnishings and stylish decor. Immerse yourself in the local amenities, just moments away from the Hamilton golf course, picturesque river walks, charming cafes, vibrant shopping, and the heart of the town. Your ultimate getaway begins here. Look forward to hosting you. Levi from KOSH BNB.
$300 - 799.99 (Adult)
Proximity to Airport:
15 minutes to Hamilton Airport.
Proximity to Town:
5 minutes to central Hamilton.
Proximity To Coach Terminal:
10 minute drive.
Large double garage.
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