Ashwood Manor Motor Lodge

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16 Thackeray Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton
Hours of operation
8:00 am--9:00 pm
Months of operation
All Year
Phone number
+64 7 838 3845
Our 27 studio suites offer our guests privacy and peacefulness in a quiet environment in central Hamilton. Features include free wireless Internet, and free on-site car parking. Private in-room spa pools make your stay relaxing and enjoyable.
Ashwood Manor is the closest motel to downtown Hamilton, located right in the heart of Hamilton’s CBD and only moments away from the city’s best cafe's, restaurants, casino, entertainment, and attractions. 18 of our 27 rooms have private deep water self-filling spa pools. We are close to Hospitals, Wintec, Supermarket, Hamilton Lake and Hamilton Gardens. Ashwood Manor offers ideal Hamilton business accommodation and corporate rates are available on request. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to both our business and private travellers when you need accommodation in Hamilton. When you need accommodation in Hamilton, Ashwood Manor is a quality Hamilton motel ideally situated for making the most of your stay in Hamilton.
$160 - 180 (Adult)
Proximity to Airport:
15 km to Hamilton airport
Proximity to Town:
500m to town center
Proximity To Coach Terminal:
1km to the transportation center
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