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The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment sets out 12 commitments that individual business can work towards.


There is no cost in signing up to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment

There is no set timeframe in working through the Tourism Sustainability Commitment

The Benefits

  • Businesses will receive a Tourism Sustainability Commitment logo to publish on their website. A certificate to display on premises and a copy of the TSC Summary.
  • Sustainability provides opportunities to grow the value of tourism businesses and wider industry.
  • A well managed, welcoming, innovative and sustainable business has greater appeal to customers, who are increasingly demanding that businesses share and live their values. 

What’s involved

When a business signs up to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment you will:

  • Work on adopting the 12 economic, visitor, community and environmental sustainability commitments

You will also commit to:

  • Creating a Sustainability plan with goals for all 12 commitments
  • Making measurable progress towards the goals
  • Embedding sustainability into business systems, processes and plans
  • Providing an annual update on progress
  • Telling communities and visitors about your sustainability efforts

Support available

Tourism Industry Aotearoa offers tools, resources and support from sustainability Advocates that enable businesses to confidently work towards achieving their TSC accreditation.

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