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Read about other sustainable and regenerative resources and initiatives you can get involved in.

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) - Sustainable Development

The UNWTO has some fantastic information, resources available regarding sustainable tourism development including biodiversity,  climate action, pollution, energy and more….


Good Awaits Podcast

Sharing conversations and stories of those who imagine a better way forward, the GOOD Awaits podcast will be a platform of collective discovery about regenerative tourism in NZ.

Tune in to the GOOD Awaits Podcast

Food Print

Almost 50,000 tonnes of food is wasted by the hospitality and retail sectors in New Zealand each year, over 60 percent of which is still edible. Foodprint is an app that local hospitality to reduce their food waste by giving customers the opportunity to purchase surplus and imperfect food at a discounted rate. Recently launched in the Waikato, the app is working with 40 Waikato eateries in Hamilton, Raglan, Cambridge and Te Awamutu. They join the community of 400 eateries in Auckland and Wellington already preventing food waste daily.

For more information on how you can get involved as either a consumer or an eatery please visit www.foodprint.app