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Being a business that attracts, supports and develops the workforce they need to flourish and succeed is part of the Sustainable Tourism Commitments.

Developing a plan to get started:

  • Make a plan towards paying at least the living wage to all staff. This should include an analysis of the market to ensure the salaries you offer for all positions are competitive.
  • Review the conditions of your staff and investigate other conditions you could include as benefits.
  • Ensure you have staff induction and training processes in place for new staff
  • Develop an organisational chart for your business and a job description for every staff member.
  • Be an inclusive employer and celebrate the diversity of your workforce. Ensure your policies reflect this.
  • Utilise existing programmes (such as Go With Tourism) to attract and retain talent. Focus on employing New Zealanders where they're available.
  • Support initiatives and programmes (such as Go With Tourism) that showcase the tourism industry's attractiveness to young New Zealanders.
  • Undertake regular performance reviews of all your staff.
  • Put systems in place to capture feedback and satisfaction levels from staff.
  • Talk about your company culture in your internal and external communications.

For more information and to download an action plan template, visit Sustainable Tourism.