On the menu

Many Waikato eateries are marking the season with berry deliciousness on their menus. Perhaps your preference is a goodness-packed smoothie, a salad of strawberries and mixed greens, waffles topped with berries, a berry-studded scone fresh from the oven, or a fruity sauce highlight in either a savoury dish or a dessert. Check out our top selection below

Punnet Eatery, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Strawberries + Cream Freak Shake
When: November - December
Location: 337 Newell Road, Tamahere
More info: www.punnet.co.nz

Hayes Common, Hamilton

Hayes Common, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Parfait of pickled strawberries, basil and black pepper meringue 
When: November - December
Location: 33 Jellicoe Drive, Hamilton East
More info: www.hayescommon.co.nz

Gothenburg, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Special dessert - summer berries, spiced rum syrup, vanilla sponge, whipped cream, honeycomb crunch, fresh mint
Raspberry Mojito - Bacardi Rum, Chambord, raspberries, mint, sugar, lime.
When: November
Location: 17 Grantham Street, Hamilton
More info: www.gothenburg.co.nz

Everyday Eatery, Hamilton Zoo

Special berry dish: Waffles featuring berries and luscious lemon curd and Real fruit ice cream with local Strawberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berries and Raspberries from Ohaupo. 
When: November - December
Location: 183 Brymer Road, Rotokauri, Hamilton

Cafe Irresistiblue, Cambridge

Cafe Irresistiblue, Cambridge

Special berry dish: Maple Berry Banana Hotcakes, Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries & Blueberry Smoothie
When: November - December
Location: 156 Turkington Road, Monavale, Cambridge
More info: www.cafeirresistiblue.co.nz

Camarosa, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Waffles with seasonal fruit, mascarporne, hazelnut spread
When: November - December
Location: 11 Davison Road, Hamilton
More info: 

Snow Town, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Peach berry Ice tea. Buy one and get one for free. Buy one strawberry-related dessert. Get one free peach berry Ice tea
When: November - December
Location: 104 Alexandra Street, Hamilton
More info: www.facebook.com/snowtowninhamilton

Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Seasonal Fruit Danish
When: Wednesdays Buy one dessert get two. Sold between 4.30 and 9.00 pm 
Location: 17b Hood Street, Hamilton
More info: www.biddyshamilton.com

Alpino, Cambridge

Special berry dish: Chocolate mousse dolce/dessert with strawberries
When: November - December
Location: 43 Victoria Street, Cambridge
More info: www.alpino.co.nz

Merchant of Matamata, Matamata

Special berry dish: Eton Mess with local strawberries and blueberries, cream & meringue.
When: end of November - end of January
Location: 44 Broadway, Matamata
More info: www.goodmerchant.co.nz

Le Rendez-Vous Cafe Creperie, Hamilton

Special berry dish: Strawberry tarts (Tartes aux fraises) and Strawberries & Blueberries tarts (Tartes aux fruits des bois).
When: November - December
Location: Shop 5/113 Alexandra Street, Hamilton
More info: www.facebook.com/LeRendezVousHamilton

Atticus American Treats, Hamilton

The Bank, Hamilton

Special berry dish: 2 for 1 Blueberry waffles deal
When: November - December
Location: 117 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central
More info: www.thebank.co.nz

Atticus American Treats

Special berry dish: Christmas pav waffle- house made waffle with vanilla soft serve, Ruakura strawberries, kiwi fruit syrup and crushed meringue. 
When: November - December
Location: 10 Garden Place, Hamilton
More info: www.facebook.com/Atticusnz