7 June 18: Tourism New Zealand board visits the Waikato

The Hamilton & Waikato region cemented its place as an emerging tourism destination by hosting the board of Tourism New Zealand recently.

Tourism New Zealand board visits the Waikato June 2018

The Tourism New Zealand Board and some members of their Core Leadership Team held their board meeting in Hamilton last week, and toured a couple of the region’s iconic tourism attractions.

Hamilton & Waikato Tourism Chief Executive Jason Dawson says leisure and business tourism is now booming and contributing $1.511 billion into the regional economy annually, just fifth behind Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our region to the Tourism New Zealand board, and share some of the opportunities and challenges we face as an emerging visitor destination” said Mr Dawson.

“We were able to showcase our region’s iconic Waitomo Glowworm Caves which has been a visitor attraction for 129 years, as well as one of our ‘younger and developing’ destinations, Hamilton Gardens” added Dawson.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall was impressed by what they experienced, and were especially ‘wowed’ by the Hamilton Gardens.

“Hamilton & Waikato is a good fit for Tourism New Zealand’s regional dispersal strategy which focuses on encouraging visitors to explore outside the main tourism destinations and during the shoulder seasons” says England-Hall.

England-Hall also shared how Tourism New Zealand is keen to help regions grow by $1 billion per annum from 2023 to ensure that growth is sustainable and enriches New Zealand.

“Information is the key to informing smart investment in tourism infrastructure and product development decisions and we are really excited to play more of a role in this. The information will also be used to inform campaign work, marketing and storytelling workshops for industry to ensure visitors include Hamilton & Waikato into their holidays” says England-Hall.

“Tourism New Zealand want to help the Hamilton & Waikato region grow by $1 billion per annum by developing, implementing and promoting strategies that are regionally-focussed and align with gateways like Auckland which connect the region to the world” added England-Hall

The visit culminated in a dinner attended by Hamilton Mayor Andrew King and Mayor of Waitomo Brian Hanna, alongside major Hamilton & Waikato tourism stakeholders.


For further information:
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Hamilton & Waikato Tourism
Phone: 027 203 3799