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10 September 20: Events Funding supports regions

Regional Tourism New Zealand has welcomed Minister Davis’ announcement of the details of the Regional Events Fund.

“The allocation of almost $50m through every region of New Zealand will provide much needed stimulus to the events sector and tourism business across the country. The investment will support that made by event owners and local government in delivering events that stimulate visitation and add to the vibrancy of communities”, said Regional Tourism New Zealand Chair, David Perks.

“Regional Tourism Organisations understand that events are a critical way of getting New Zealanders travelling and that the development of new events means there is every opportunity to give all New Zealanders a reason to travel to a different part of the country.” said Perks.

The Covid-19 crisis has seen local government, as the primary investors and provider of infrastructure for events, come under significant pressure on their resources, so this funding will support the continuing commitment councils make to facilitating the positive economic impact of events in their areas.

Mr Perks also emphasised the considerable work the MBIE tourism team put in to develop the funding framework that will enable regions to identify the right type of events for their places, their facilities and the audiences they are best located to attract.

“Government and MBIE recognised that successful events are born out of people in communities that have a passion for both their place and their product. Empowering regions to make local decisions about what events will deliver the very best stimulus to their local economy will assure the absolute buy-in of locals in developing events that can become an important part of what a region has to offer for years ahead” said Mr Perks.

“This investment, and faith in Regional Tourism Organisation clusters to develop a strategy that can succeed through being implemented over a number of years, will be well rewarded. Event opportunities can be properly researched and developed, and neighbouring regions can work hand in hand to make sure that businesses, communities and attendees get the very most out of this investment”.

“We sincerely thank the Minister and government for understanding that this longer-term investment in events will support the badly impacted businesses that operate in the events sector, as well as the rebuilding of local visitor economies”.

About Regional Tourism New Zealand

Regional Tourism New Zealand (RTNZ) is the name for the incorporated trust of 31 existing Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs).

It was established as a Charitable Trust in 2005, with the objects being to represent the interests of the collective RTO sector in New Zealand.

As the peak body for RTO’s RTNZ aims to encourage better coordination amongst RTO’s as well as ensuring collective RTO’s are engaged and consulted with on issues critical to the development of the regional tourism sector in New Zealand.

The activities RTNZ engages in include:

  • Developing RTNZ submissions on issues and draft plans that impact the collective
  • Providing advice and assistance to members
  • Developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with stakeholder agencies
  • Negotiation and execution of project-based funding contracts
  • Managing and implementation of projects on behalf of RTONZ
  • Coordination of media enquiries
  • Advocacy of the RTO sector and the important role it plays in the New Zealand tourism landscape