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22 February 2022: Balloons over Waikato – Still filling the sky with Colour!

The BOW team have been working hard to look at all options to deliver this iconic event to our community, ensuring we are working within the current protection framework and still delivering a great experience for everyone. Balloons over Waikato is a little different from other events, in that we do not rely on ticket sales and attendees, which current restrictions of 100 person limits have forced the many event cancellations we have seen over the previous few weeks.

We are unique in our FREE status and that afforded us the ability to think outside the square and look at how we could still provide some Ballooning joy to the community.

We will still be filling the skies with Balloons every morning from Tuesday 15th – Saturday 19th March.  Balloons will fly from one of our pre-determined sites every morning and our Flight Team will base our launch site on the breeze direction and the ability for this to take our balloons over the city and impact as many people as possible.  As we will not be launching with any public involvement, the messaging will be ‘Whether you are on your morning commute to work, on the way to school or still at home in your PJ’s,  just look up and enjoy the magical sight’

We are also excited to be able to hold the spectacular ZURU Nightglow online and are inviting everybody to enjoy our ZURU Nightglow virtually this year through our social media channels.  We are thrilled to be able to provide the Glow Show experience that thousands love, people will still be experiencing the magic of the Balloons inflating and glowing to a choreographed soundtrack of your favorite tunes, though this time from the comfort of the couch.

We will be filming the ZURU Nightglow and releasing through multiple social media channels at 8pm on Saturday 19th March and inviting the public to join us for The ZURU Nightglow – Virtual Edition’. 

Balloons over Waikato General Manager Michele Connell is thrilled to still bring Waikato’s favourite glow show to the community, “The huge popularity of the ZURU Nightglow means many thousands will still get to enjoy this part of the festival from the comfort of their own home.  We encourage everyone to Grab some popcorn, set up some picnic blankets and get the whole family together to enjoy the Glow Show”

She continues, “It has been a roller coaster ride within the event industry, with what seems like never ending challenges to overcome.  We are confident however we will still be able to deliver this iconic event in a different way that provides an experience for our balloonists, engages the public and supports the wider community.”

Don’t miss the magic of Balloons over Waikato - Tuesday 15th – Saturday 19th March. Go to for more information and follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information during the week.