You know the best spots in Auckland, why not try the best in Waikato?

Whether you love getting up close to nature, active adventures, tasty gourmet delights, spending time with family or a touch of indulgence the mighty Waikato is full of hidden gems we know you’ll LOVE!


You’ve sampled some delicious treats in Auckland, why not tempt your tastebuds in the Waikato?


You know the best places to get close to nature in Auckland, why not explore more in the Waikato?


You’ve had some family fun in Auckland, why not try some family-friendly activities in the Waikato?


You’ve got the blood pumping in Auckland, why not get your heart racing in the Waikato?

Relaxation & Wellness

You know the best places to relax in Auckland, why not indulge in the Waikato?

‘Love This, Love That’ is a partnership initiative powered by Hamilton & Waikato Tourism and Auckland Unlimited to jointly promote the Waikato and Auckland regions.