COVID-19 - Information for Accommodation providers

The Level 2 status means play it safe. A range of measures that can be applied locally or nationally include:

  • People can reconnect with friends and family, go shopping, or travel domestically, but should follow public health guidance.
  • Physical distancing of two metres from people you don’t know when out in public is recommended, with one metre physical distancing in controlled environments like workplaces unless other measures are in place.
  • No more than 100 people at indoor or outdoor gatherings.
  • Sport and recreation activities are allowed, subject to conditions on gatherings, contact tracing, and – where practical – physical distancing.
  • Public venues can open but must comply with public health measures.
  • Health and disability care services operate as normally as possible.
  • Businesses can open to the public, but must follow public health guidance including in relation to physical distancing and contact tracing. Alternative ways of working encouraged where possible (e.g. remote working, shift based working, physical distancing, staggering meal breaks, flexible leave).
  • It is safe to send your children to schools, early learning services and tertiary education. There will be appropriate measures in place.
  • People at higher-risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (e.g. those with underlying medical conditions, especially if not well-controlled, and seniors) are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home. They may work, if they agree with their employer that they can do so safely.

The Accommodation Forum which includes TIA has worked with MBIE to create guidelines for Accommodation providers during COVID-19 Level 2

The full guidelines can be found here.

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