Measuring your carbon footprint enables you to become a part of a global movement toward minimising carbon emissions.

Why measure your carbon footprint?

Every day businesses and individuals create greenhouse gas emissions which accumulate in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions, or carbon footprint, helps you to understand your how much carbon your business generates.

Knowing your number is the first step towards then managing and minimising those emissions and your climate impact.

Measuring emissions will also help you:

  • Become a climate leader
  • Set credible sustainability targets
  • Identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings
  • Manage risks more effectively
  • Engage staff, customers and communities
  • Be transparent and substantiate environmental communications
  • Prepare for supply chain disclosure requirements
  • Develop a competitive edge, gain market access, or fulfil tender requirements

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Carbon Footprint Measurement Programmes

There are a number of programmes available – below is a small selection of options