Vision 2030 by Impact Hub aims to amplify future focused solutions in the New Zealand context.

Vision 2030 is a quarterly event series where we bring together communities of experts and the broader public to focus on sustainable and societal solutions. We intend to inspire by inviting international and national thought-leaders, practitioners and experts to discuss and showcase solutions.

Vision 2030 will not be just another event series where attendees sit, listen and go home. It is focused on action!

Throughout the day, each panel discussion will be followed by interactive breakout sessions in which the speakers and the audience will work together, actively searching for potential barriers, opportunities for collaboration and means to accelerate and identify tangible collaborative projects to start working on now.

First event: REGENERATE NOW! on Wednesday 11 November 2020

The regenerative movement is gaining momentum as a natural maturation of sustainability. With environmental degradation becoming increasingly present, sustainability is not enough. We need to restore. At the first event of the Vision 2030 series, we will focus on the topic of REGENERATION and zoom in on two niches incredibly relevant to the New Zealand context:

Regenerative Tourism

The tourism sector contributes hugely to New Zealand’s economy but its impact on the environment and on economic inequality is difficult to ignore. There is growing recognition that business as usual is unsustainable. How can the concept of regeneration be applied to tourism so that this industry can bounce back in a way that takes into account the outcomes for business, the environment and for society? What are the opportunities in the current context and what challenges might the industry face in such a transition?

Regenerative Agriculture

Forms of regenerative farming have been practised around the world for decades. With increasing signs of soil depletion and the potential of carbon storage, the topic is gaining momentum. In New Zealand, several local examples serve as beacons of good practice but it remains a niche area. With the Zero Carbon Bill coming into force, it is imperative that the agricultural sector moves towards more sustainable practices. Regenerative farming could be a viable solution. We will explore the opportunities and barriers for NZ farmers, discuss pros and cons, assess necessities for innovation and learn about the practices of regenerative farming.

Confirmed speakers:

On Regenerative Tourism: Anna Pollock of Conscious Travel, Gina Paladini of Tomahawk, Dan Te Whenua Walker of NZ Māori Tourism, Lee Ann Muntz from Tainui Waka Tourism, Megan Williams from Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Kristin Dunn of Tourism Bay of Plenty.

On Regenerative Agriculture: Ryland Engelhart of Kiss the Ground, Dan Eb from Dirt Road Comms, Greg Hart of Mangarara Station, Prem Maan of Southern Pastures, Gina Lucci from AgResearch, Tracey Bayliss from Granddad's Beef, Shane Ward from Action Ecology and Jules Matthews of Integrity Soils.

The Vision 2030 series is organised by Impact Hub, one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale. 

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