Hamilton & Waikato Tourism Business Partnership Prospectus 2021

Hamilton & Waikato Tourism Ltd (HWT) is the official Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for the Hamilton & Waikato Region. Our role is to increase visitor numbers, length of stay and expenditure in the region through creating and coordinating effective marketing and promotional activity. We encourage visitors to enjoy the many great experiences our region has to offer and in turn contribute valuable economic, social and cultural benefits to our communities.

How do we do this?

Working under a private-public partnership model, Hamilton & Waikato Tourism receives council funding from our seven city and district councils (Hamilton City Council, Waipa District Council, Waikato District Council, South Waikato District Council, Waitomo District Council, Otorohanga District Council and Matamata Piako District Council). This support enables us to promote the region to visitors, media and the travel trade.

Our promotional work includes our regional website www.waikatonz.com, media and trade pitches, familiarisations, sales meetings and trips, attendance at trade shows, working with key industry partners – including Tourism New Zealand and neighbouring regional tourism organisations – and running complimentary local industry events.

As part of the private-public partnership model, Hamilton & Waikato Tourism also seeks local businesses and attractions to partner with us each year on various ‘opt-in’ regional marketing and promotional initiatives.

These partnerships allow us to work collaboratively as a region, and achieve scale and impact in what remains a highly competitive marketplace – both internationally and domestically.

Hamilton & Waikato Tourism has also recently expanded the scope of its activities to focus on product development which involves identifying and supporting opportunities to strengthen our region’s visitor proposition.

Current tourism situation

Hamilton & Waikato has a catchment of 2.3 million people within a three-hour drive radius, while the city of Hamilton itself serves as a gateway for those arriving by air.

The region has a significant, vibrant and growing tourism sector. New Zealand’s fifth largest tourism region by value ($1.417 billion visitor expenditure YE Jun 20), Hamilton & Waikato is one of only five regions (out of 29) with visitor expenditure of $1 billion or more (alongside Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch).

The Waikato is well-placed to deliver world-class sporting and business events, and also hosts a large Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) market.

The region sees 2.4mil guest nights a year and has a 10.1% market share for business events (behind Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

Why partner with us?

Each year Hamilton & Waikato Tourism works to achieve an agreed target for the value of tourism industry investment, in order to further leverage local government's investment and show our council partners the industry commitment to tourism in the region. This is a significant amount, but, with your support, it’s a target we’re confident we can achieve.

Areas in which you can work with us include:

  • Domestic marketing
  • International marketing
  • Business Events
  • Official Regional Visitor Guide

For a full overview of the activities we undertake and further information about how you can partner with us, please download a copy of our 2021 Partnership Prospectus below.

The Mighty Waikato Partnership 2021 PDF | 8.35MB