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If the Shire is at the heart of Middle-earth, then the Hamilton & Waikato region is at the heart of the Shire. When scouting around for settings for his epic three movie adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Kiwi director Peter Jackson found just what he was looking for in the green rolling paddocks, rugged limestone outcrops and underground caverns of the Hamilton & Waikato region.

Hobbiton, Hobbiton Movie Set, Waikato, New Zealand

Hobbiton Movie Set

The bucolic setting for the Shire, home of the hobbits, including Bag End and the Party tree standing majestically over the lake, was right here nestled on a sheep farm near the Waikato town of Matamata, just waiting for Sir Peter Jacksons magical director’s touch.

Take a tour of Hobbiton

Visitors to Hobbiton Movie Set today can imagine Hobbits going about their everyday business, as the set was rebuilt in 2011 for the filming of the story that started it all, The Hobbit, and remains as a permanent set today.

Gain a first-hand insight into filming and the way things looked when shooting was in full swing and get up close with over 17 hobbit holes from the film including Bag End, Samwise Gamtree's house and more. Read More.

Other filming locations

Other filming locations in the Hamilton & Waikato region include Weathertop Hollow from The Lord of The Rings trilogy, filmed near Port Waikato, Trollshaw forest filmed on rugged farm land near Piopio in Waitomo, and underground sounds recorded in the famous Waitomo Caves.

Read all about these filming locations and more Middle-earth like experience you can have in the Hamilton & Waikato region by navigating through the articles below.

Key Locations

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