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From soft adventure to heart-racing subterranean excursions, Waitomo Caves has a variety of adventure activities on offer, from black water rafting, to abseiling and ziplining through the magical underground passageways.

Black Water Rafting

Black Water rafting comes in all forms, from moderate caving trips to those which include abseiling, ziplining, weaving and climbing through the underground caverns. TumuTumu Toobing and Black Labyrinth are all popular black water rafting trips, perfect for a mixed level of fitness and adventure.

Lost World

Lost World, Waitomo Adventures, Waitomo, NZ
Waitomo Adventures, Lost World, Waitomo
The Lost World, Waitomo, New Zealand

Push the boundaries a little further as you abseil 100m down into the Lost World cave. Zipline through the darkness on St Benedicts caverns trip or abseil down cave waterfalls on Haggas Honking Holes and the Black Abyss.

The adventure activity options are endless but all leave you with a sense of accomplishment and great stories to tell – not to mention some great photos of you in action!

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