Due to the recent heavy rainfall, a number of roads and walking/cycling tracks in the Waikato are closed. If you are travelling to or through the Waikato region, please visit Waka Kotahi’s Journey Planner website for up-to-date roading information and check the local Council’s Facebook page for the latest updates and advice.

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Waikato River Explorer is looking into building two state-of-the-art new Ferries

Hamilton-based riverboat operator Waikato River Explorer is looking into building two state-of-the-art new Ferries.

The vessels to be built in New Zealand will be a first for the Upper North Island as they will be powered purely by electricity.

The technology pioneered by Wellington company Wellington Electric Boatbuilding will allow the vessels to ply the waters of New Zealand’s longest inland waterway noiselessly and without fumes.

Waikato River Explorer Managing Director Darren Mills says “We had been planning to build conventional 30-Seater Fast Ferries to offer a commuter service from Horotiu into the city and a ‘Park N Ride’ service from the CBD to Hamilton Gardens but when I heard about Fraser Foote and his new Ferry for Wellington Harbour, I thought that would be the ideal vessel for the sensitive river environment.”

Mr Mills will spend a good deal of time over the next few months looking into the feasibility of the idea and says; “We have always wanted something unique for the region and have never shied away from tackling difficult projects but this certainly has it’s challenges. Convincing a Council to provide charging stations for these boats will be the first of many hurdles to jump over.”