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Brewbus makes the switch

Brewbus NZ says NO to plastic and YES to sustainability!

New Zealand Craft Beer Tourism Operator Brewbus NZ will no longer provide environmentally destructive plastic water bottles to clients, instead opting for a more sustainable option of canned water. 

The canned artesian water from Parker’s Beverage Company in Hawkes Bay will now be on offer to every passenger on a Brewbus tour.  Kiwi owned Parker’s Beverage Company taps the water from their own bore ....in fact it has been naturally filtering for 250,000 years - which is why it has such a great taste and texture.

Aluminium is much easier to recycle than plastic. Every single empty can from a Brewbus tour will be recycled. The switch from plastic to aluminium canned water has been a simple choice for the Brewers Guild Tourism Award Winners.

In New Zealand, 8 out of 10 plastic bottles are not recycled!!!! Jacqui Addison, Business Development Manager at Brewbus, said “the change was a natural progression for us.  We want to minimise our environmental impact.   Brewbus is not only reducing plastic bound for landfill and oceans, but we are also supporting another Kiwi owned business.  That’s better for everyone in Aotearoa.”she said

Brewbus operates throughout New Zealand, taking people on a craft beer journey like no other.