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Feb 18: Team Up Events Presents New Programme

Search for clues, narrow down possibilities, but most importantly leave no stone unturned as your team attempts to Escape the Mob with Go Escape the urban adventure!

Team Up Events has a ground-breaking new programme, which will engage and excite your team!

As an unfortunate witness to a heist that stole diamonds belonging to Mob boss Don Colleoni, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time but now the Mob are looking for you and they want answers!

Combining Escape Room themed challenges and the latest in Team Building Technology, Go Escape takes your team on an urban adventure utilising GPS, a high-tech APP, and the environment of your local City.

Test your team's collaborative problem-solving skills, discover hidden items, solve challenging puzzles, and unlock amazing secrets as you embrace the surrounds of the City and attempt to successfully Escape the Mob!

For more information please contact Team Up Events on 07 542 5359 or