Dec 2016: Industry Trends: Fresh and Natural

As special events in the Waikato increase, so does the demand for theming and décor at venues around the region.

“Fresh and Natural’ is what we are seeing in our theming trends” says Leanne Morris of The Event Company. “Styling for corporate events is seeing a swing towards fresh colours, fresh flavours and lots of greenery.

Our ‘Citrus Style’ has been extremely popular as conference organisers look to provide their clients with relaxed networking zones with a splash of brightly coloured furniture and decor. Plywood tables, bright barstools, succulent plants and bowls of fresh fruit all provide a welcoming style with a trendy European Café feel that relaxes delegates and gets them chatting to each other.

Kiwis love dining outside in the summer. We are seeing a strong trend of alfresco dinner styling with our local venues transformed; bring the outdoors inside as guests dine beneath ivy pergolas softly glowing with festoons of vintage light bulbs.

We are supplying our local venues with international styling; it is exciting and very rewarding.”