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April 17: How to avoid last minute surprises when planning an event

Every event, big or small, requires several hours of hard work. And after all the planning, the last thing you need is to walk into a room that is full of surprises and looks nothing like what you had in mind.

Don’t worry, there is a perfect solution to avoid the disappointment.

Vidcom will provide you with a 3D event design which will allow you to see how your event space will look and feel ahead of time. It is a unique value added service that will help you preview the event set up.

A stunning virtual event space is created to your specifications with photorealistic textures, furniture, reflections, and lighting, to present an accurate digital version of your event.

Event planners put in several hours of hard work in order to organise and run a successful event. Among all the other challenges, there is always a risk of missing something that might seem like a minute detail but might end up having a big impact in the quality of the event.

For example,

How bright the projector must be? How many speakers does the venue space need for the presenter to be sufficiently heard from every corner of the hall? How to manage last minute tweaks, such as the speaker turning up with an incompatible format of a video presentation?

This is where an AV team would step in to alleviate a lot of stress from a planner.

Additionally, with 3D event design produced, it will not only ensure that all the details are attended to, but also provide a platform to test and improve on the event plan.

In short AV might seem like a lot of overwhelming information but with the right guidance from an AV company who is interested in providing a solution to add value can make a world of difference to a well-executed event.