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Dec 2015: Going Medieval at the Metcalfes

The opportunity to transform into a ‘royal, noble, knight or peasant’ is just part of the fun during the Metcalfe’s Medieval Challenge.

Going Medieval at the Metcalfes

Dawn Metcalfe says the experience gets people out of the office for some laughter and a relaxed afternoon. The country venue, located halfway between Auckland and Hamilton, includes areas of large trees where the activity is held.

After dismounting in the carpark, people can relax with a drink on the deck. They then accept their medieval calling and transform into a royal, a noble, a knight or a peasant. After that they head to learn the ancient art of archery.

Participants compete for the ‘Bullseye Trophy’ then enjoy a banquet of chicken drums, breads, corn, salami, pickles and cheeses.

Metcalfe says part of the fun is cheering (or booing) the victors in a rowdy awards ceremony. The activity programme is available for a maximum of 40 participants. More details are available on their website or view the Metcalfes listing on our website here